Why the Parent-Child Relationship is Important

March 10, 2020

Parenting is one of life’s most fulfilling and satisfying endeavors, but balancing your work and personal life with your familial and parental duties can make be quite tough. You want the best for your child, and establishing a strong parent-child relationship can lead to better results in various aspects of their life.

Why Do You Need a Positive Parent-Child Relationship?

A positive parent-child relationship is fundamental to having a child’s physical, mental, emotional development. Having a strong relationship with your child helps nurture them as they grow from an infant all the way to adulthood. It underpins the development of their personality, the choices they make throughout life, and much more.

Specific benefits of a positive parent-child relationship include

  • Promotes better development in many areas including physical, mental, emotional, and linguistic development
  • Children with strong, healthy attachments to parents find it easier to form relationships and bonds with others
  • Your child learns to better handle and express their emotions properly
  • Your child will feel more confident in life, leading to better opportunities in terms of social life, education, occupation, and many other areas

How to Strengthen Your Relationship With Your Child

Strengthening your relationship with your child is key providing them a loving and nurturing environment in which to grow up. Here are some ways to do so.

Set Boundaries and Rules — and Enforce Them

You need to set rules and provide guidance in order for your child to develop properly. Set rules and boundaries and discuss them with your child. Don’t budge on your rules, either — your child needs to know that they will experience consequences if they perform bad actions.

Be Warm and Loving With Your Child

Setting and enforcing rules doesn’t mean to be cold in your interactions with your child. Every time you interact with them, try to strengthen the relationship between you two. Be warm around your child, always smile, and encourage them to talk and share.


Part of being warm and loving is listening and empathizing with your child, so be a listening ear for them. Encourage them to share their feelings and reassure them that you understand how they feel.

Tips for a Positive Parenting Style

Parenting in a positive fashion can further strengthen your relationship with your child. Here are some positive parenting tips you can use.

Say “I Love You” Often

Tell your child you love them every day, even though it’s obvious. Doing so can really strengthen your bond with them. They may shrug the “I love you’s” off as they get older, but it’s still a powerful thing to tell them.

Play Together

Playing with your child is critical to healthy development. They develop skills in socializing, problem-solving, critical thinking, sharing, being assertive, and more.

Additionally, you can strengthen your bond with your child when you play with them.

Have Meals Together

Meals are a great time to socialize and share. When you eat together with your child, encourage conversation.

For Parents of Multiple Children — Spend Time With Each Child One-On-One

When you have multiple children, you want each one to feel equally loved and valued. Set aside one-on-one time for each of your children — it will strengthen your bond with them, as well as improve their self-esteem.

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