Why Kids Get Sick at Preschool

October 30, 2018

If you’re the parent of a preschooler and you’ve just started off the school year, you might be troubled by the fact that your child is always sick. At Right Steps Education, we understand that many parents are concerned with the frequent occurrence of illnesses, but we know that this is usually normal, too.

The majority of common colds are viral and they are also more common in the winter because children spend more time indoors where germs can spread easily. It’s believed that the average preschooler will catch up to eight colds per year in his or her first two years of preschool. Afterward, the likelihood of catching colds usually decreases to about four to six per year.

Most parents are relieved to hear that catching colds frequently isn’t the end of the world. In fact, it helps to build up a child’s immune system, unless he or she has a specific immune deficiency. The first few months of attending a new preschool are usually the hardest because your child is exposed to a large number of germs all at once. Children have immature immune systems, but after they develop more fully, catching colds usually happens with less frequency. Breastfed babies tend to catch fewer colds, in general.

How do you help your little one cut back on the incidences of colds and illnesses, then? Aside from keeping your child home and away from other children, there are also a few tips you can implement. Maintaining a healthy diet and getting adequate sleep at night is a great start. Supplementing your child’s diet with vitamin C and elderberry is another great option. Practicing frequent hand-washing and leaving street shoes at the door before walking through the house are other great ideas.

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