Values You Can Teach Your Child by Age

November 13, 2018

Many parents feel that teaching values are an important part of parenting, but they often wait until their children are in elementary school to begin teaching about them. At Right Steps Education, we help parents navigate the complex world by providing them with the best information available to make informed decisions. 

Children as young as preschool age can begin learning the value of honesty. The best way to help a child learn about honesty is by being an honest person, yourself. Because your child is always taking cues from you, it’s best to remain as truthful as possible in your own life situations. If your child lies to you, use the situation as a learning opportunity. Teach your child that being honest isn’t always easy but it is always the right choice. 

Teaching children about justice is also important. For example, if your 4-year old child has his castle of blocks knocked down by another child, you can use this an opportunity to explain the difference between right and wrong. Encourage your child to find the correct remedy to right a wrong. In this case, the other child could be asked to help rebuild the castle as an apologetic gesture.

Encouraging your child to take on challenges is also important and can be taught around age 5. If your child shows you one of his drawings, you might be tempted to just say “Good job!” You can instead try to point out specific details of the drawing and encourage your child to do something more on a particular section. 

Determination is another value that can be taught from a young age. Most children around age 5 or 6 can begin learning how to be more determined at a task or a project. The best way to encourage determination is by not over-praising and by, instead, providing gentle and supportive feedback. 

Finally, if you want to teach your child how to be a kind and loving person, you can start by encouraging him or her to be kind and loving to others. This can be accomplished in almost every setting that you find yourselves in, so find as many learning opportunities as possible to teach this necessary value. 

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