How to Teach Kids About Charity

April 23, 2018

Have you been thinking about how to teach your children about charity? At Right Steps Education, we know that teaching children about charity can be rewarding in many ways. Learning about the benefits of giving and helping gives children a sense of empowerment and allows them to think more closely about how to live in a global society.

Teaching children about charity gives them an opportunity to see how generosity and empathy play a significant role in our world. Parents who want to give their kids more ways to learn about charity can become involved through activities, literature and games. At Right Steps Education, we try to instill a sense of community with all of our families by teaching children that we are part of a larger community that extends outside of our classrooms.

It’s important for young people to understand that they are responsible for their actions and that they are able to play a role in making the world a better place. Families who help instill an appreciation for charitable acts can help their children better understand the importance of both helpfulness and gratitude.

Most research suggests that its best to introduce children to the concept of charity between the ages of three and four. This helps them understand that people besides themselves have both feelings and emotions. Around this age, children can begin to understand that everyone has an inner life that should be respected and valued.

Parents can set good examples by creating a family environment where giving is natural and encouraged. Trying to include children in volunteer and charity activities is a great way to get them involved at an early age.  Children who watch their parents donate food to a food drive, for example, can see firsthand how charity can help those in need.




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