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October 03, 2014

At Right Steps ®, we combine the highest quality learning environment to ensure that your child receives the best experience possible. With that in mind, we have designed our environment so that every classroom is equipped with a special clean sink area. This encourages good hygiene both inside and outside of the bathroom. Our staff works with your little one to encourage healthy habits and watches to make sure that hand-washing becomes a part of his or her normal routine.


Children benefit from thoughtful and purposeful behaviors, especially when it comes to keeping their little bodies healthy. Many cultures from the around the world remove their shoes before stepping inside their homes. At Right Steps ® we employ a “Clean Step” policy that encourages students and staff to remove outside footwear before entering classrooms. Because of these two important but small details, our absentee list remains minimal each season.
What youngster doesn’t love to run and play the hours away? At Right Steps ® we offer full use of our fitness center which features child-sized gym equipment. We also encourage the use of our designated yoga space. It’s important for children to have time each day for stretching their limbs and exploring their world through a wide range of movement. Our space is an ideal environment for encouraging the healthy physical development of each child who walks through our doors.

health-fitness-and-nutrition-3We like to think that Right Steps ® offers the perfect combination of education, communication and technology to all of our children. We also place emphasis on the importance of a nutritious diet, and understand that all children are best powered by a healthy body. Active children require substantial food to fuel their bodies and nutrition plays an important role at our facility. Nutritious, wholesome menus are prepared to nourish the pickiest of palates. We offer four tasty and fresh meals a day, all prepared from the freshest and natural ingredients, many of which are organic. Our menus are kosher-style and vegetarian options are also available. Your smallest wonder will grow into a healthy adult, eating our tasty and quality fare.



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