Fun Summer Learning Activities for Your Kids

June 28, 2019

Your child’s finally out of school for the summer and they’re ready for fun in the sun. However, just because class isn’t in session, doesn’t mean you can’t stuff some learning into your child’s newfound free time. But striking a balance between fun and educational can be tough; too much learning, and your child might lose interest. Fortunately for you, we’ve got a few fun ideas up our sleeve.

Take your kid hiking through the local woods. Just beyond the trees lies tons of interesting plant and animal life waiting to be found and observed. Walk around and see if you guys can spot any animals among the vegetation. Bring a camera too so you can snag some pictures and teach your child about the animals or plants in your photos. If there’s a body of water nearby, walk along the edge and see if you spot any frogs, toads, turtles, or fish.

Not only will a nature hike teach your child about wildlife, but they’ll get some fresh air, too. Physical exercise is just as important for your child’s development as educational activities; at Right Steps summer camp, children get to participate in dancing, yoga, gymnastics, and other fun activities that get the body moving, all in a safe and friendly environment.

Does your child have a knack for music? Spend a couple hours building a rough musical instrument out of stuff around the house and see if you can get it to work. You could build maracas, a rain stick, or even a simple guitar. Maybe learn some background about the instrument you guys created and try to play some simple musical pieces. At Right Steps music is a huge part of our summer camp curriculum. We teach music within its historical and cultural contexts so children can feel connected to it.

In a similar vein, you could bust out the markers and construction paper for some arts and crafts. Have your child draw an animal from your nature hike if they’re unsure of what to draw. If your child is especially artistic, have them draw a cartoon flip book. Each page in one of these books is like a “frame” of video, and you’re supposed to flip through the pages fast to make it look like the drawing is moving. Right Steps understands the importance of art in fostering creativity in children, so we’ve made the arts a significant part of our curriculum.

You don’t need to stick with activities at or around your home; plan an activity day full of learning activities. Head to your local museum and take a tour. See if there are any art galleries in the area and show your child some cool paintings and sculptures. For some more outdoor exploring, plan a picnic at a local park. Picnics are an amazing opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors while teaching your child some basic cooking and planning skills.

These are only a few of the many summer learning activities your child will find to be fun. Right Steps summer camp has even more fun learning activities for children. Children are provided a fun, safe, supportive learning environment during their time at Right Steps.

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