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    Boutique Preschool and Childcare Center
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      Would you like your child to have a strong base for upcoming academic, emotional, and social success and overall a great future? If the answer is YES then you might have found the right place.

    • Activities

      Our children deserve the best, and in Right Steps ® we are dedicated to support each child’s individual growth and development to reach his or her highest potential in our warm and loving environment.

  • Right Steps ® Art Program

    Every child loves to look at pictures! Exposing children at a young age allows children to develop a lasting appreciation of the arts. Children look at artistic creations with freshness and honesty. They are eager to explore, find something new, and study the details. The arts expand children’s minds to develop an understanding there may be more than one answer to a question. It gives children the ability to express what cannot be said, and explore their emotions in ways no other experiences can. Right Steps ® offers an opportunity for children to explore many artists, different perspective and, creations of art throughout history in a child appropriate way.


    Right Steps ® Fitness Program

    Yoga: Children practice breathing techniques, poses, games, and visualization through this relaxing form of exercise. Children enhance their flexibility, strength, coordination, and body awareness while building valuable character traits such as confidence, compassion, respect and patience.
    Gymnastics: The number one goal at Right Steps ® is your child’s overall health and safety. Not only will children get to get to tumble, flip and roll into fitness, they will learn about making healthy choices in all aspects of their lives.
    Dance: Dancing can be performed in celebration, ritual, story telling, and entertainment.
    Music: Our children learn music through an integrated approach connected to history, art, and social studies.


    Right Steps ® Phonemic Awareness Program

    Right Steps ® Phonemic Awareness Program is fun way to learn early literacy with focus on listening skills. This is a supportive practice using the appropriate language, vocabulary and informational texts to help students be effective participants during daily classroom activities. Phonemic Awareness Program provides variety of stories, songs, and rhymes for creative thinking in a quality literacy experience. Different types of activities help to build a comprehensive literacy understanding. Children participate in small group activities using wireless headphones, special books, and discs. Children are prompted to perform multi-step direction activities that support comprehension of auditory skills.


    Right Steps ® Challenge Program

    Right Steps ® Challenge program provides opportunities to be enrolled in Individual lessons geared toward the specific strength areas of child development. This program focuses on knowledge as well as student skills. Curiosity, advanced language development, logical thinking, analysis and social skills are valuable components of our Challenge Program. This program provides opportunity for child assessment and progression from beginning to middle and to advanced level. Learning rhymes, poems, songs and vocabulary is a key component of reading fluency that helps develop long and short-term memory in participants. Visual tools are used as an aide to develop students imagination. Working in a one-to-one ratio enhances students self esteem and strong feeling of confidence and independence.